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Volunteer Needs

Donation Soliciting

Need: 20 people

Are you good at reaching out to businesses and asking for donations to our auction? This is the job for you. We use Google docs so that you can easily keep track of whom you have contacted, what they have committed to donate, etc. We also have a pre-built list of past donors who can be contacted again.

Need: 3-5 people

We drive all over Sonoma County picking up donations from businesses. If you can help drive around (a couple times a week, or you can save multiples for one trip!) grabbing things like wine, gift certificates, etc. please sign up!

Registration and Check-in Crew

Need: 4 people

Welcoming people to the event. Checking people in. Handing out drink tickets. Assigning bid numbers.

Silent Auction Close-Out Runners

Need: 10 people

This is just a 30 minute shift. When the Silent Auction closes, we need bodies to run all auction items from the auction tables to the check out area. You will place the auction items in numeric order for ease at pick-up time.

Need: 8-10 people

Runners needed to grab Silent Auction items and bring them to Check-out area. People needed to record winning items to people's bid sheets.

Set Up Crew

Need: 5-10 people

Help with setting up on evening of Friday April 5th and morning of Saturday April 6th. Setting up tables, place settings, putting up decorations, and arranging all of the auction items on tables, etc.

Need: 8-10 people

The party is we gotta clean up! Our catering company will clear dishes, etc but we need help stacking tables, folding linens, taking down decorations. If you're going to stay till the end anyways, why not help on this crew?

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