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Double Your Donation!

If you haven't already, see if your employer participates in a CORPORATE MATCHING PROGRAM—a great way to double your donation at no additional expense to you! 
Ask your employer these questions:

DOES MY COMPANY MATCH? Search your company's internal website or inquire with your company's HR Department about employee donation matching.

INQUIRE HOW TO SUBMIT A CLAIM If your company does match donations, ask about their procedure to request a match—they can vary from company to company.


NEED ASSISTANCE? Contact us at if you need any

assistance from us with your corporate match
submission. Click on this .pdf for a list of
companies with known matching programs

The unique enrichment and fine arts programs that our kids enjoy are not funded through the district.

Our community must pitch in to ensure our students continue to receive these expanded educational and enrichment opportunities they deserve. Without this support, these programs simply don’t exist – unfortunately many schools in our county have seen these programs evaporate over time. OGEP is committed to making sure ours continues to prosper and thrive for students for many years to come.

It starts with The Giving Campaign.

One of our main components of annual fundraising is the OGEP “Giving Campaign.” We are asking all families to contribute $100 per child to help fund the amazing programs that every student benefits from. Our goal is 100% participation from every family in Oak Grove Union School District, so please give what you can whether that amount is more or less than requested. Making this investment in your child’s education will reap numerous benefits and rewards that last a lifetime.

Click below and donate today!
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