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Moveathon 2020.png

Move-a-thon Schedule​

Friday, April 8th

8:50-9:15am: 1st

9:20-9:45am: 2nd

9:50-10:15am: 3rd

10:20-10:45AM: 5th

10:50-11:15am: 4th

11:20-11:45am: tk/k

Oak Grove Elementary


Friday, April 8th 2022

Your child will move and groove all in the name of raising money for our schools! Donations collected from this event directly support OGEP funded programs, including arts curriculum, field trips, and music & dance instruction & other programs.  


This year's fundraising incentive is $8,000! We're less than $3000 away from the goal. There's still time to register before Friday to start your fundraising now. 


Oak Grove Elementary students will receive
snow cones on the last week of school if our $8K goal is reached

Here's how to get started 

Sign up online at 99 Pledges

Here's how to get started:


  • You can visit and sign up for the easy online donation portal to make promotion and fundraising easier for your student!

  •  For cash or check donations, pick up a pledge envelope in the Oak Grove office. Online donations can be made at

  • Children can simply ask for a flat amount for their donation

  • Pledges are welcome (encouraged!) from Grandma & Grandpa, aunts and uncles family friends, YOUR co-workers, babysitters, sports teams ... the list goes on! 

  • This event will take place in the yard with music and fun for all!  

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